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The Incubator For Innovation And Impact...

Will enrich the community with an accessible ecosystem that amplifies an entrepreneur’s resources and opportunities.   The Incubator’s framework enables entrepreneurs to discover and execute business practices and ventures that positively impact local and global communities.

Experience the impact that the Incubator will have on the community and entrepreneurs as it connects entrepreneurs from all industries with professors’ valuable insights, student support, mentors, investors and outstanding and valuable programs for development and networking provided by Tech Ranch.

Members will receive 24/7 coworking and access to benefits including entrepreneur training, academic classes, audio/video production, and onsite professional printing and mailing services. Concordia students will be available for hire to support startups’ administrative, operational and research needs.

The Incubator is now open.   Sign-up to receive more information about memberships and grand opening specials.

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Designed To Impact The Entrepreneur's Community

The Incubator Advantages



Extend your resources with students who can work on your business project or research.



Gain exclusive access to professors who can provide you with valuable insights and support for your business.


Take advantage of the convenient and accessible NW Austin location at Concordia to skip the commute and expense to travel downtown in Austin.


Engage in programs provided by Tech Ranch that bring expertise, guidance, and networking opportunities.

Connect with seasoned entrepreneurs and experts who share invaluable experience to help you achieve your goals.

Research Resources

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Research access through student researchers.

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