November 1, 2016: Concordia University Texas and Tech Ranch Announce Partnership

Austin TX November 1, 2016 – Concordia University Texas, an Austin-based institution of higher education, and Tech Ranch, an Austin startup accelerator, announced today their partnership to build the Incubator for Innovation and Impact, scheduled to open in Spring 2017.

Located in NW Austin at Concordia University Texas, the Incubator for Innovation and Impact will enrich the community with its accessible ecosystem that amplifies an entrepreneur’s resources, opportunities, and impact. The Incubator’s framework will enable entrepreneurs to discover and execute business practices that positively impact local and global communities. In addition to the outstanding and valuable programming and networking provided by Tech Ranch, the Incubator will connect entrepreneurs with professors’ invaluable insights, student support, and mentors. Members will also receive exclusive benefits including co-working space, access to VIP events, classes, video recording and production, snacks, printing, discounted event space and free parking.

Concordia University Texas, celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2016, recognizes the Incubator’s ability to enhance the education of its students by providing real-world application to concepts learned in the classroom. Access to lectures from angel investors, successful serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other prominent individuals from the startup community, along with hands on project opportunities, will open doors for students and entrepreneurs to find their true vocation and meaningful work.

“One of Concordia’s strategic priorities is to partner deeply with our community,” noted Concordia President and CEO Dr. Donald Christian. “Partnering with Tech Ranch in this new venture allows our university to take advantage of the strength of Tech Ranch’s brand in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote Concordia’s mission of developing leaders in new and exciting ways.”

Tech Ranch CEO, Kevin Koym, sees the Incubator as a way to expand its network around the world while building deeper and global relationships within the Austin community.

“Working with Concordia gives our Austin partners, including students, access to the world. I am excited that the partnership with Concordia provides access to an untapped and fresh talent pool that can provide a new perspective not historically tied to the Austin startup community, creating a new opportunity for growth and impact,” said Koym.